Guava Leaf Tea Fights Cancer, Lowers Cholesterol And Treats Diabetes

Health MagazineThat is a common query these days. This tells about the outstanding overall health advantages of pomegranate. The National Institutes of Wellness (NIH) have 60 clinical trials going on to see how effective this is with many health challenges. This report has been extracted from the Health Magazine – January 14 2012 – written by Sara Rey Cortés.

Laugh. Rx: funny motion pictures? Yes! Laughing routinely is connected with the healthier function of blood vessels, according to Michael Miller, M.D., director of preventive cardiology at the University of Maryland Healthcare Center in Baltimore. 25% of Americans think in reincarnation or previous lives along with over a billion Buddhists and Hindus. Read about what a Yale educated psychiatrist has to say. Lots of good hyperlinks including article by the New York Instances.

This tells about the several wellness positive aspects of the herb or spice known as black pepper. This write-up explains the numerous distinct well being rewards of consuming blueberries. It also explains why it is 1 of the best anti-aging foods that aids heart health and prevents cancer.

This write-up tells about the worst factors for health like smoking, salt and drugs (drugs). A new study reveals the exact quantity of fiber individuals need to eat each and every day, plus the well being rewards linked with a high-fiber diet plan. This tells about the advantages of an herbal tea recognized as rooibos tea. It has no caffeine and fights stress. It helps folks to unwind and sleep greater.

This tells about the wellness positive aspects of hawthorn berries that are excellent for cardiovascular well being. This tells about the two most powerful approaches of anti-aging so folks can live longer and be healthier in old age. This tells about chia seeds for wellness and omega-three essential fatty acids. Flax seeds and chia seeds are the only excellent sources of omega-3 from plants.